Keep Fits is a campaign from the climate change charity 10:10.

The British public love clean energy. Across the country it's powering eight million of our homes. We're investing in it in our thousands through energy co-ops everywhere from the Outer Hebrides to Hertfordshire. Pupils are sat in solar powered assemblies and young apprentices are learning to be the roofers and engineers of tomorrow. We're playing our part in a global success story and we're just a few years from clean tech competing with fossil fuels on cost. 

the Future looks pretty rosy for renewable energy, right?! Sadly, wrong...

Since coming to power in May 2015, the UK government have announced a series of policy changes that have inflicted hefty damage on our burgeoning, home-grown clean energy industry. Then last month came the real curve ball. Government are consulting on cutting the feed-in tariff subsidy (Fits) for wind, solar and hydro power. Fits are what make solar on your home and school possible. They're the life blood of community energy projects, and they've underpinned growth in the UK clean energy industry pulling in loads of investment and creating thousands of jobs .

Every one of the government’s own polls says British people want to see more clean power. Keep Fits is here to give a voice to that silent majority and show the government just how much renewables mean to us.

Who is behind Keep Fits?

Keep Fits is a campaign from the climate change charity 10:10.

We’re all about helping people take positive, practical action on climate change, and for the last few years that’s seen us focus on community clean energy. We help schools raise funds for solar with our Solar Schools project. We work with communities at risk of fracking to find positive clean energy alternatives and we celebrate all of this and more success stories from around the world with our #itshappening campaign.

These proposed changes to support for clean energy put the incredible work of the communities we work with at risk. We’re not ok with letting that happen.  

The 10:10 Foundation a registered charity (number 1157363) working all over the UK. Our registered address is Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AF.

What is Keep Fits calling for?

In August this year, government announced proposed changes to feed-in tariffs – subsidies that support small to medium sized clean energy projects. Right now, they’re just proposals and they invited comments from the public right up until 23 October.

But the consultation document they provided was impenetrable to all but tech-gurus and policy pros. We know the British public love clean energy and their voice deserves to be heard.

Keep Fits set out to make it easy for anyone to have their say in the consultation on feed-in tariff changes through a simple portal. Plus, we’re showcasing all the incredible things clean energy is already achieving across the country (and the amazing people behind it), and what’s at stake if we let government have their way.

This campaign isn't about what we’re calling for, it’s about what you’re calling for. If you love clean energy, we here to help make sure government knows about it.

Thousands of you used our tool to have your say. Now we wait to see if government listened.

What can I do?

The consultation on proposed changes to feed-in tariffs is now closed. While we wait to see if they listened, you can keep the pressure on in a number of ways. If you love clean energy, make sure government know about it.

  1. Tell your MP. While government officials review your submissions to the consultation, it's still possible for your MP to apply pressure. Tell them why you love clean energy and ask them to write to David Cameron and Amber Rudd on your behalf. You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.  
  2. Share our stories. Clean energy is doing amazing things right across the UK. Take a look at our stories page, and share your favourites. 
  3. If you’ve got a Keep Fits story that you want to add to the website, or an idea for the campaign, then get in touch –