Dear government, we're sorry we all care so much about clean power...

You know what the run up to Christmas in the office is like - conversation starts turning to party plans, every third email is an out of office and you spend your mornings switching between that document you really must finish and the John Lewis website.

Not so this year at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Why? Because it turns out loads of us really care about renewable energy. In fact, over 55,000 of us cared enough to make submissions to the consultation on plans to cut support for renewable energy. And it's the poor team at DECC that have to read them all...


So, to keep their spirits up, we thought we'd send them a little morale boosting hamper - filled with loads of renewable powered treats and a beautiful photo book of some of our favourite Keep Fits case studies. 

The hamper was pretty easy to fill. It's not just individuals and communities who see the sense in switching to clean power, big business are in on the act too.

So what exactly will those DECC officials be munching on as they peruse stories of what renewable energy makes possible?

  • Waitrose own scones, marmalade and highland shortbread

Waitrose buy all their power from Ecotricity - the world's first green electricity company - plus they're committed to powering 40 of their shops with their own renewable energy centres by 2020. 

  • Leckford Estate rapeseed oil

Leckford Estate generates it's own renewable electricity with 186kWp of solar panels installed on a shed (not dissimilar to our friends at Grange farm!).

  • Clipper breakfast tea

Clipper have 89KW of solar array on their factory roof, ensuring your morning cuppa comes with a spoonful of sustainability. 

  • Biona peanut butter

Given the Biona brand is owed by Windmill Organics it makes sense that they use 100% clean, green electricity to power their peanut filled production. 

  • Lindt chocolates

An international contender, Lindt are going 100% clean energy in Canada, have their own thermal power plant in Germany and are using cocoa shells to produce renewable energy! You cannot argue that doesn't make their delicious Lindors all the more marvellous. I've just eaten five in support of their ethics and ambition...

  • Kettle chips

Another from across the pond, in the US, Kettle use solar power to make 250,000 of their bags of crisps every year

  • BeeElectric honey and wildflower seeds

My undisputed favourite of the bunch. Belectric make their own "sunny honey" from hives on their solar farms across England. And they kindly donated some seeds from the wildflower mix they use to keep those farms biodiverse and beautiful. Just like Wiltshire Wildlife Trust!

  • A packet of Rolos

Last week, Nestlé signed on to a letter urging David Cameron to rethink his plans on renewable energy. Their UK head said the company was committed to 100% renewable electricity at all of their UK and Irish operations, but that they needed a "positive policy environment" to make this possible ASAP. 

  • And some welshcakes!

Ok, so technically these ones aren't solar powered. But given the contribution of Wales to the clean energy agenda (and their ambition for the future) we figure it's only a matter of time... 

Clean energy in the UK makes sense which ever way you slice it - communities think so, business thinks so, even Boris Johnson thinks so. Hopefully the government officials tasked with trawling through our submissions appreciate just what's at stake. And if they need reminding, we'd suggest popping the kettle on, buttering a scone and flicking through our photo book showcasing just some of the incredible renewable power projects right here in the UK. 

Oh, and we sent a copy of the book to Her Majesty's Treasury too. Just, you know, in case...