Solar apprenticeships in Hackney

The community energy project giving power to social housing and internships to local young people.

The Banister House project is the largest community owned solar project on social housing in the UK. 

Their model includes the creation of solar intern positions. That means 15 young people from the estate are being paid the London Living Wage, getting valuable work experience and receiving a construction certification at the end of the process. 

They're also planning to fund fuel poverty initiatives and more youth activities across the estate. Alongside others in the Repowering family, the project has been celebrated by communities, councils and politicians alike. 

Hardware 400+ solar panels on 14 buildings.

Benefits the feed-in tariffs pay for local paid interns who gain skills and experience.

Location Hackney, East London.

"By doing this we're going to be paid, we're going to have work experience. Don't throw away all our work"

- Ziggy, Banister House Intern.

“Community energy has brought training opportunities to young people in Hackney. People across the borough have been inspired by the project at the Banister House estate, and have started cooking up plans to make it happen on their estates too. All these projects will not be able to happen with the proposed changes to the Fit scheme.”

- Millie Darling, Bannister House Solar volunteer. 

Feed-in tariffs make the whole Bannister House project viable. The team were excited about acting as a source of inspiration for other projects across the capital and beyond. Under these proposals, it may be impossible for others to follow in their footsteps. 

Photos credit: Repowering London/Bannister House Solar/Kristian Buus