Bee hives and education in Sussex

A big barn roof with nothing to do but shelter cows? Community solar was an obvious match.

When local community energy group Repower Balcombe approached farmer Chris Jarvis to install solar panels on her cow shed roof, she was more than happy to be part of it.

Grange Farm will benefit from cut-price electricity for the next 20 years, as will the two schools the group has installed on. The benefits of the feed-in tariff will go to the village through a community benefit fund. Repower Balcombe are hoping to spend the money on environmental education and energy saving at local schools and getting the village beehives back in action.

Hardware 69 solar panels.
Benefits Cheap electricity for a local farme, environmental education, community bee hives.
Location Crawley Down, West Sussex.

“It’s great to be involved in doing something for our community, and nice to see the cow-shed roof being put to good use. Plus we get a reduction on our electricity bills - it really is a win-win.”

- Chris Jarvis, livestock (and solar) farmer

Feed-in tariffs enable community energy groups like Repower Balcombe to make projects like this happen - providing a good deal for partners while putting money into community benefit pots that fund local projects. The cuts will make that impossible.